You need motivation, this is what you really need to reading!

Let the fear of regret fuel you to take action today now To take action now to become a better person You want to reach goals you want to do great things Perfect because you don’t need permission to bust your ass. You don’t need permission to make sacrifices You don’t need permission to do anything. It takes to get to the next level

Going to the gym and getting it done Even if it’s not the best you’ve ever felt just going through the motions, but crease your volume increase your frequency increase your mentality It will make you more healthy

If your body is in shape and you train it Right and you eat right? Your mind will be good because the mind and body work together

If you don’t follow what your head says, it’s not going to happen the body follows what the mike tells them to do And when your mind tells you and you look in the mirror, and you don’t feel good about yourself you’re insecure It’s all on your head because your body doesn’t change

Because you know who you can count alone go look in the mirror you gotta let yourself down you’re gonna quit on you Ain’t got quit on you then ain’t gonna happen. You know why you’re not gonna quit on you because this is your life It’s your life. No, what do you want to do with your life with the end of the story with? What’s the story? You’re gonna have been

Everybody wants to be the man But do you have what it takes to be the man are you willing to do what it takes to be demand

If you know what you want That’s a gift so go get that because there’s never gonna be a perfect time to get started There’s never gonna be a perfect time to take that first step There’s never gonna be a perfect platform for you to do exactly what you want to reach that goal

You know bodybuilding is a 24-hour a day job you got to cook your meals You got to eat your meals you got to go to the gym You got to do cardio, you know, it’s 24 hours a day that you can put into this

So the bottom line is to Know your body, it’s not your best day. It doesn’t mean that you should take a day off just means that you should adjust Make sure you get out of it while you can be based on back to the day

All of us over time get comfortable We get into a rut and we don’t want to move from that rut and we just think this is okay. We’re happy here It’s a comfort zone and we don’t change our lives our life. Stay the same from day in day out We never try anything new. It’s always the same routine

Just get to it That’s the first thing you gotta do is make yourself get up and go out and get the weight in your moves once you do That it’ll take care of itself from there. You know what to do. Once your hands are wrapped around the bar So the main thing is get up off your ass and get to where the weights are and get busy

Every day you have is another day you can get something accomplished Every day above ground is a day that another day that you can keep moving All right. It’s never too late until they close. The lid nailed shut from dirt on top

You can get there if you build up to it, it’s called hard work willpower determination Discipline sacrifice a little bit trained for long enough if you have a burning desire to transform yourself in any aspect of life You will find a way to make that happen

And I suggest to you it’s never too late for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be But don’t postpone it for next year don’t postpone it for next month begin being that individual that soul that inventive force that business builder that mother or father that contestant that Humanitarian that force of fine that you have always wanted to be beginning right here

Small daily improvements were done consistently over time lead to stunning results