Princess Haya bint Al Hussein Escape from her husband’s Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum fist and hiding in London !!

the script is taken from BBC News mainly for English learners. Princess Haya bint Al Hussein a spouse of the ruler of metropolis sheik Mahomet Al Maktoum has left her husband a highly unusual move for a senior royal in the UAE the Princess is now said to be hiding in a townhouse in central London She was conspicuously absent from royal asked this year despite being an Olympic rider and every day at races , Sources told the BBC she was in concern for her life as she ready for a court battle with her husband, Growing up PrincessHaya was born in could 1974 her father was Hussein of Jordan and her mother was Queen Alia Al Hussein

She was simply 3 years previous once her mother was killed in a very eggbeater crash within the south of the country, The current ruler of Jordan King Abdullah. The second is her half-brother.

The princess spent a lot of time in the UK as a child, She was educated at the private all-girls badminton school near Bristol before studying political philosophy and economics PPE at Oxford University.

She has previously told interviewers that she contains a passion for prowess, Shooting, and heavy, and heavy machinery and she claims to be the only woman licensed to drive heavy trucks in Jordan

She took up horse riding as a young girl and found a passion for the sport and in her twenties she pursued a career as a full-time professional equestrian athlete the highlight of her riding career came once she described Jordan within the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and was her country’s flag bearer, I am lucky to be close to him on the 10th of April 2004 aged thirty Princess Haya married Sheikh Mohammed the vice president and prime minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai.

He was 53 at the time and Princess Haya was his 6th and junior wife, He reportedly has 23 children by his different wives, Like her, he was keen on horses. He was the founder and owner of Godolphin horse racing stables, the couple was wed in a ceremony in Amman in the years since Princess Haya has spoken effusively in public regarding her relationship with tribal sheik Mohammed painting an image of good family life.

Every day, I am amazed by the things he does. She told Emirates girl magazine in 2016, each single day I give thank God that I’m lucky enough to be close to him , But cracks appeared to show last year when Shekar Latifah one of Sheikh Mohammed’s daughters tried to flee the country in a video that spread worldwide the 33-year-old Princess claimed she and her family did not have freedom of selection in their lives which she had been subjected to abuse

Shekar Latifah reportedly escaped the UAE by the sea with the help of a Frenchman but was intercepted by armed men off the coast of India And returned to Dubai.

In December photos were discharged of her sitting next to the previous Irish President Mary Robinson at home in the emirate, the authorities in Dubai insisted Shekar Latifah had been vulnerable to exploitation and was now safe in Dubai at The time princess Haier echoed the statement saying it was unimaginable that this thing has gone so far from the truth, But now just over six months later sources close to princess Haier told the BBC that she had discovered Disturbing facts about shake alert EFA’s attempt to flee and being subjected to increasing hostility and pressure from members of her husband’s extended family

She reportedly no longer felt safe and fled to Germany before moving on to the UK Her husband has not responded formally to reports about their marriage, He did a post on Instagram on the 10th of June accusing an unidentified woman of treachery and betrayal.

Princess Haier is said to be living in an 85 million pounds 107 million dollars house in Kensington Palace Gardens and preparing for a legal battle in the UK’s High Court.