Asking for marriage from a dangerous place !! is mad love ❤

The rock is anchored among rocky slopes in a Norwegian region

The number of young people is choosing exotic ways and sometimes ‘ exceptional ‘ proposal, to commemorate this moment of sound and image.

In an effort to record a memorable moment, the website ‘ times now News ‘ British teenager he had the idea of an unprecedented proposal, which made them modern world newspaper and social networking sites.

According to the site I suggest Christian Richards marry PIX Morley 915 m altitude of rock wedged between H1 rock monasteries in the Norwegian region called ‘ kgirakbolten ‘.

Richards said, aged 33, in an interview with the ‘ Sun ‘ that ‘ most young people fear the answer (no), but I really was afraid of something else ‘.

He continued: ‘ you’re afraid to drop the ring, so we won’t be able to get it back ‘, adding ‘ luckily I received a positive answer, we went back to the safe zone.

Meanwhile, the morula: ‘ I was with Richards on a trip to Norway and had no idea what he was up to.

She:( kgirakbolten )area popular with tourists flocked, I didn’t expect he would choose this place for asked me to marry him.